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Images of the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Intergenerational Métis Mentorship Projects, All My Relations Photography


In 2019, the Mann Art Gallery (Mann) launched a small artist in residence project with Leah Marie Dorion. Leah's work with the Mann since has resulted in great success with community-based programming through her Moss Bag and Plains Style Ribbon Skirt workshops. In spring of 2020, Leah's artist residency was strengthened by offering more opportunities to partner and utilize her arts leadership.


Leah decided to start a mentorship with local Métis artist and visual arts educator, Danielle Castle. This apprentice and mentor relationship gave Leah the opportunity to transfer cultural and artistic knowledge within the community. The goal was to bridge Métis culture through the power of positive messages and to bring people into a good state of mind. Since then, this project has continued with Leah and local Métis artist and visual arts educator, Ashley Smith, in the summer of 2022 with 2 new outdoor installations. The intent for these projects was to create highly visible, accessible, and educational contemporary Indigenous (Métis) art in public spaces in the city, celebrating the Métis culture and teaching youth and emerging artists values and techniques.

Thank you to the generous funding provided by the Aboriginal Arts and Culture Leadership grant from SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Lotteries, Community Initiatives Fund, and the City of Prince Albert.

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