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The Moon is Our Grandmother: 13 Metis Moon Shawls

curated by Leah Dorion, Bonny Johnson & Lana Wilson

Mann Art Gallery

Nov. 17, 2023 - Jan. 20, 2024


Thirteen Metis women created 13 Moon Shawls under the artistic direction of Leah Dorion and Bonny Johnson this summer, with support from Elder Elsie Sanderson.  Each shawl represents one of the 13 moons in the lunar year, rich with personal and cultural symbolism.

Photo: Bonnie Johnson with February Shawl, and Olivia Fetch with August Shawl

Thank you to this project's major sponsor, SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Lotteries, through the Aboriginal Art & Culture Leadership Grant (AACL).


Beverly Boe (Jan)

Bonny Johnson (Feb)

Christine Tienkamp (Mar)

Ashley Jewitt (Apr)

Abigail Sinclair (May)

Harmony Johnson-Harder (Jun)

Leah Dorion (Jul)

Olivia Fetch (Aug)

Connie Sanche (Sep)

Nicole Parenteau (Oct)

Sharie Bird (Nov)
Isabella Sinclair (Dec)
Prisca Bravo (13th)

47th Winter Festival

47th Winter Festival Art Show & Sale
curated by Wally Dion

February 10, 2023 —  March 25, 2023

Visit our Winter Festival page

Pairie Interlace

Prairie Interlace
curated by Michele Hardy, Julia Krueger, and Timothy Long

April 14 – May 27, 2023

Opening Reception: April 14, 7pm

12th High School Juried Art Show

12th Annual High School Juried Art Show 
curated by Lana Wilson 

May 6 – June 3, 2023

Opening Reception and Awards: May 11, 7pm


A Certain Detour

Charley Farrero

A Certain Detour 

curated by Heather Benning and organized by the Art Gallery of Swift Current

June 22 – August 19, 2023

Opening Reception: June 22, 7pm

Journal of the Plague Years

Betsy Rosenwald and Donna Rose

Journal of the Plague Years

June 22 – August 19, 2023

Opening Reception: June 22, 7pm

Between Us

Between Us

Curated by Sandee Moore, organized by the Art Gallery of Regina

September 22 - October 28, 2023

Drawings, sculptures, and sound art resulting from inter-species collaborations between artists and honeybees.

Featuring local Prince Albert artists Nicole Charlebois Rinas, Denise Flaman, George Glenn, and Judy McNaughton, as well as SK artists Last Birds, Kelly Litzenberger, Jeff Meldrum, Melanie Monique Rose, Tim Moore, Chantel Schultz, Sylvia Thompson, and Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson. Mentored by Aganetha Dyck.

Between Us is the culmination of 12 long-term creative relationships between artists, beekeepers and honeybees under the guidance of Aganetha Dyck.


“There are no secrets,” claims artist Dyck, who has co-created artworks with honeybee collaborators for over two decades, “there are only surprises.” The exhibition Between Us is a collection of such surprises arising from interspecies and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Following their distinctive apian logic, bees transformed objects placed by artists in beehives, embellishing sculptures with beeswax frills, mending gaps with their golden wax, mimicking vessel walls with their own constructions and packing available space with their delicate geometric comb. Through their processes and excretions, honeybees augment the artists’ narratives with records of settlement, family, agriculture, spirituality, the ecology of recycling, the interconnectedness of all species and dependence upon weather and the land.

Between Us refers to the distances and differences between us and what we, as humans and insects, have in common. Between Us invites artists and the public to appreciate bees as conscious and creative agents.

Working with gallery contacts in Prince Albert, Swift Current, Estevan and Yorkton, the Art Gallery of Regina invited twelve artists and collectives from across the province to learn from Dyck.

While the artists’ methods of producing work for Between Us were similar, the resulting work is as varied as the artist themselves.

- Sandee Moore, Curator of Exhibitions and Programming at the Art Gallery of Regina

Learn more about the artists and project here



Recent Donations to the Mann Art Gallery Permanent Collection

curated by Marcus Miller

September 22 - October 28, 2023

Mann Art Gallery's Permanent Collection contains 4000+ artworks by artists of regional, national, and international significance. fresh celebrates the artists and donors who have generously contributed to our collection over the past three years. Donors are indicated in brackets. 

Margaret Barrie (Rob and Barb Dalziel)

Mel Bolen (Jim and Mary-Lou Milliken)

Joe Fafard (Sister Lise Paquette, Sisters of the Presentation of Mary)

Folmer Hansen and David Ross (Jim and Mary-Lou Milliken)

Henry George Furniss (Janice Peace, Margie Tucker, Sandy Tucker)

Cecil E. James (Avyn Koyl)

James Luna (Terry Billings)

Ernest Luthi (Jim and Mary-Lou Milliken)

Rose Mineau and Dave Sims (Dr. Michael Kowbel)

Grant Moore (Ruth Griffiths)

Frank Sudol (Dr. Michael Kowbel)

Myrtle Swaffield (Larry Burke)

Joyce Whitebear Reed (Terry Billings)

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