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41st Annual WFASS
41st Annual Winter Festival Art Show & Sale
curated by Zachari Logan
Main Gallery and Project Space, February 10  March 25, 2017
Heather Benning
Heather Benning, A Prairie Gothic: Let Our Fields Be Broader, But Our Nights So Much Darker
Main Gallery, March 31 — May 13, 2017
6th Annual HSJAS
6th Annual High School Juried Art Show
curated by Lana Wilson
Project Space and Ed Studio, April 6  May 13, 2017
George Glenn
George Glenn: Redefinition

Main Gallery, May 26 — August 19, 2017

Paige Mortensen
Paige Mortensen: Portals

Project Space, May 26th — July 4th, 2017

Bonnie Gilmour & Charley Farrero
Bonnie Gilmour & Charley Farrero: Le Look

Project Space, July 13th — September 5th, 2017

Sandra Semchuk
Sandra Semchuk, LOVE STORIES: Listening and Seeing as Gestures Towards Reconciliation 
curated by IPAC

Main Gallery, September 8th, 2018 — October 26th, 2017

Northern Image Photographers
Northern Image Photographers

Project Space, September 12th — October 26th, 2017

Mac Hone
Imprint: Printmaking by McGregor Hone
curated by Jordan Bulgis

Project Space, November 17th, 2017 — January 13, 2018

Patrick Bulas
Patrick Bulas The Cat That Slept on a Tortoise Shell

Project Space, November 17th, 2017 — January 13, 2018

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