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Willow Labyrinth, willow trees, jute twine & cloth, July 24th - August 13th 2020, Approx. 6' x 24' x 6', Alfred Jenkins Field House

Willow Labyrinth

For this installation Leah and Danielle with Elder Curtis Breaton and Leah's son Louis, went and harvested around 200 willow trees to create their piece. With the guidance of Elder Breaton they did offerings and prayers before cutting down any trees. All of the plant materials was treated with respect and honour. They were then joined by Education Assistant, Ethan Waldner, who helped set up and put together the pathway.


Traditionally, willow has multiple uses in Métis culture from medicine to building materials. Leah Dorion designed the walk way and used the S-curve shape of the Métis infinity symbol. The main idea was to use a traditional species and bring it into a contemporary art form. Leah has done several past projects with willow and has also been known for her rock effigy labyrinths. You can find these projects on her website


After de-installation all willow was used for ceremonial purposes.

Thank you to our sponsors and to each individual who helped make this project possible!

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