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Wind Horses, acrylic paint on corrugated cardboard, survey tape, ribbon, wooden stakes & screws, August 7th - August 8th, 2020, approx. 4' x 16' x 42', Art Hauser Centre

Wind Horses

On August 7th, Leah and Danielle completed their fifth and final installment from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. They staked horses into the ground that depicted the Métis values in Michif and English language. They did live painting and ribbon tying after laying out the design on the grassy field for a small crowd that showed up to enjoy the event. The artists wanted to put a spotlight on Michif language and faced the horses in the Métis language towards 6th Avenue, a busy street in Prince Albert. Leah and Danielle wanted to work with the element of wind and to symbolize the importance of horses in Métis culture. The ribbons and tape attached to the horses were used to capture the wind in travel of horses, an important animal used in Métis culture. 

Elder Liz Settee joined the small fan base that had come to each of the live installs, to lend her support and help in anyway way she could. The two artists were also gifted jam and tea, a traditional Métis present, by a family that had followed the project closely over the the five weeks. This closed the live installations with gratitude by the public and the artists. 


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