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Willow Meditation Walkway, willow branches and ribbon, August 10 - August 31st, various dimensions, east side of the Provincial Courthouse, image courtesy of All My Relations Photography, 2021

Willow Meditation Walkway

An expansion of last year’s simplified willow arched path installation, this year’s walkway was 30 feet long and created using fresh willow boughs in the shape of a Métis fur trade cross. The site was Scarrow Plaza, a small, grassy park located 100 metres from the Mann Art Gallery, on the North side of the E.A. Rawlinson Centre lot, and directly beside the Provincial Court House. Low fences and arching boughs defined the walkway, and orange ribbons adorned branches throughout. Leah and Ashley harvested the willow using traditional protocols, and weaved the willow boughs together. This labyrinth invited the public to come into the art installation space and weave through the paths the artists created. This project was designed to be a temporary, natural construction of traditional Indigenous materials, deliberately but gently in contrast to the square, metal and cement colonial institution buildings which surround it. It creates an Indigenized space for rest and reflection.


Leah and Ashley express their deepest gratitude for the public interaction with the Willow Meditation Walkway installation. Thank you to All My Relations Photography for the beautiful images. 

Image Gallery of Willow Meditation Walkway Installation

Thank you to our sponsors and to each individual who helped make this project possible!

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