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Métis Buffalo Herd, acrylic paint on corrugated cardboard, wooden stakes & screws, July 31st - August 8th 2020, approx. 3' x 1' x 60', Riverbank Rotary Trail (Interpretive Walk)

Métis Buffalo Herd

On August 31st Leah and Danielle installed 13 buffalo on the river bank rotary trail. A small gathering came out to watch as they hammered them into the ground while discussing the Métis values written by Leah Dorion. Nine of the pieces were painted by english learning students at the YWCA in a buffalo painting workshop. This gave the artists the opportunity to engage the community in teaching and sharing Métis culture while also adding the expression of youth in Prince Albert. Thank you to the YWCA for participating in a workshop and to those who came out to the live installation. 

While the installment was up for the first week Leah's Strength buffalo wandered from the herd but was returned a couple days later. When Leah and Danielle went to look at the situation they had found the Strength buffalo had been staked back into the ground and next to the Respect buffalo was a stone painted with a Medicine Wheel on it.


Leah and Danielle express their deepest gratitude for the public interaction with the buffalo installation and would love to hear the story behind this buffalos adventure. The Medicine Wheel offering remained in it's protective covering next to the Respect buffalo.

Thank you to our sponsors and to each individual who helped make this project possible!

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