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Bison Hunt, acrylic paint on corrugated cardboard, wooden stakes & screws, July 2nd - September 30, approx. 3' x 1' x 60', front of the Mann Art Gallery, image courtesy of All My Relations, 2021

Bison Hunt

The Métis Bison Hunt was a series of 17 large cardboard figures of bison and horses, painted with acrylics, attached to wooden stakes, and placed around the 3 flower beds on the West side of the EA Rawlinson Centre/Mann Art Gallery. The bison had the Métis values words and images painted on them in eye-catching primary colours, while the horses show Métis-style saddles and tack. The figures create a narrative scene where the riders drove the bison towards the front-most flower bed in a wedge-shape formation, resembling a drive towards a bison jump or corral. In preparation for the installation, two workshops were held to allow community youth groups of Indigenous and newcomer participants to paint the bison and horses with Leah and Ashley. Participants learned about the importance of bison to Métis culture, and visually represent Métis hunting techniques.

Leah and Danielle express their deepest gratitude for the public interaction with the Bison Hunt installation. Thank you to All My Relations Photography for the beautiful images. 

Images Bison and Horse Painting by community members

Image Gallery of Bison Hunt Installation

Thank you to our sponsors and to each individual who helped make this project possible!

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