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Images from the 2022 Inter-generational Métis Artist Mentorship Project


In summer of 2022, Leah Marie Dorion and Curtis Breaton began a mentorship with previous mentee Ashley Smith, and mentees Louis Lafferty, Ethan Henderson and Danielle Castle. This apprentice and mentor relationship gave Leah and Curtis the opportunity to transfer cultural and artistic knowledge within the community. The artists and mentees created a 2-part series of temporary public art installations in the city of Prince Albert. The intent was to create highly visible, accessible, and educational contemporary Indigenous (Métis) art in public spaces in the city, celebrating the Métis culture and teaching youth and emerging artists values and techniques. Leah worked closely with Ashley, and taught her how to plan, produce, install, and implement interactive public art installations. 

Thank you to the generous funding provided by the Aboriginal Arts and Culture Leadership grant from SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Lotteries, Community Initiatives Fund, and the City of Prince Albert.

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Little People Village (May-may-quay-so-wuk)

The Kistapinanihk Village or Village of the May-may-quay-so-wuk (Little People) is a collaborative installation that draws from rich Métis folklore. It was located on the north side of the E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts.

The May-may-quay-so-wuk are spirits who live along river banks and are close cousins to ''Little People'' found in cultures around the world. Students from a local school, community members, and artists created the village.
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Little People Village installation view, All My Relations Photography, 2022

Métis Spirit Canoe 

This temporary public art installation is inspired by Métis folklore of spirit/supernatural canoes that fly above and against currents, rapids and rivers. 


This installation was located by the boat launch, along the north SK river in Prince Albert, SK.
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Metis Spirit Canoe-66.jpg

Métis Spirit Canoe installation

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